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Heya folks,

It’s time to soak up some rays during Fortnite’s 14 Days of Summer. Each day, drop into Fortnite for something new.

In Battle Royale, each day will feature:

  • A weapon unvaulted for 24 hours only.
  • A new LTM to play (check out the full selection of LTMs that will debuting below).
  • A daily challenge and free reward.
  • New outfits and more in the Item Shop

Friday Fortnite's second week back is arguably its largest of all time.

With a huge audience of millions of players, the second week headlined Ninja & PewDiePie as the main attraction.

Possible Godzilla event coming to Fortnite

Leaked by Daavs

The commissioner and one of the most notable faces of the Overwatch eSports scene, Nate Nanzer, has left Blizzard in order to pursue a role in directing the competitive scene of Fortnite at Epic Games.

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The World Health Organization has today decided that Gaming Addiction/Disorder will now officially be recognized as a disease. Possible methods of treatment and final measures will go into effect by January 1, 2022.

Shadow Bomb Fortnite News -

Shadow Bomb Coming to Fortnite This Week

In this week's v8.50 Content update for Fortnite, the game will be receiving a brand new explosive item - the Shadow Bomb.

The challenges for the upcoming Endgame LTM have been leaked

Endgame - Limited Time Mode

Join the battle for the Infinity Stones! Fight as Chitauri and Thanos or wield Avengers items in the Endgame LTM.

Season 8: Ruin Challenges

With this being the 8th week in Season 8 already, players are now able to unlock the Ruin outfit, alongside an extremely simple list of challenges that will reward players with the other cosmetics for Ruin, such as Dread (harvesting tool) and Dying Light (backbling). To unlock the Ruin outfit, you need to complete a total of 55 Weekly Challenges. After completing 55 challenges & unlocking the Ruin outfit, you'll be granted the Ruin Challenges.

Ribeiro's lawsuit was the first of many against the Fortnite creator, which means his recent loss spells disaster for the numerous other claims that Epic Games are facing. Of course, each case is as unique as the other, but it is a huge victory for the company.

It seems that vans that have been spotted across the map will indeed be used for an upcoming Respawn mechanic that was previously hinted at during a Fortnite Battle Royale AMA prior to Season 8's launch.

Leak: Legendary and Epic Infantry Rifle Coming to Fortnite

Data-miners have found an upcoming variant of the existing Infantry Rifle for Fortnite in the v8.0 patch files.

Follow all the season 8 news

All teasers combined

There are currently 2 days until the launch of the eighth season, meaning we still have 1 more teaser to come. We will keep you updated as the rest are released.

Teaser 4 revealed

Explore the world

Challenge your fate

Unearth the secrets

Adventure awaits.

Season 8 starts tomorrow!

Teaser 3 revealed

Fortnite have released the third of four teasers for Season 8 of the game.

It has the following description:

Awaken beasts Of fire and ash Battle it out And loot the stash. 2 days to Season 8.

Fortnite Season 8 Teaser #2 Revealed

It has the following description:

Sssomething shimmers Within the cave... But beware of those Who arrive on waves. 3 days to Season 8

The previous teaser featured a Pirate Hook and a description that hinted about loot, bringing forward a possible Pirate theme for Season 8.

There are currently 3 days until the launch of the eighth season, meaning we still have around 2 more teasers to come. Fortnite News will keep you updated as more teasers are released.

Fortnite Season 8 Teaser #1 Revealed

'X' Marks The Spot

Treasure abound

Loot that has been lost

Can always be found.

4 days to Season 8.

This description leads many to believe we are getting a Pirate theme for Season 8 - however early teasers for past seasons have also been filled with speculation that did not turn out to be true.

We'll have to wait for the teasers throughout the next few days until we can get a good idea of Season 8's theme. Fortnite News will keep you updated as more teasers are released.

The Love Ranger will be in the Item Shop on February 14th, with an unlockable Dark style. It will not be a separate cosmetic.

These files showcase the events that are going to happen during the build-up, which looks to be devastating.

Spectator Mode coming to Fortnite, with a private event in February.

In an email to numerous Fortnite players, content creators and more, Epic Games have invited locals to Epic Games' offices in Los Angeles, California, for a private testing event in February 2019.

The event, which is scheduled to take place over the first week of February, involves "playing custom matches to help [Epic Games] test unreleased spectating features and tools that will be used in future events."

This email confirms the existence of a rumored upcoming Spectator Mode, which has been sighted through glitches in the past. Some bugs have made players see a "Join as Player" option in the lobby that does nothing upon activating.

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