Does Rockstar give a hint for GTA 6 in GTA 5?

Author: Daavs News - Jan 10, 2020

Producer uses easter eggs more often and this fits in with earlier rumors.

A few days ago we were able to report that an insider would have collapsed from the school in great detail about Grand Theft Auto 6. Now a GTA 5 player reports that he has discovered a striking billboard.

The billboard advertises Six Figure Temps, a company that smuggles drugs and is sponsored by "Adios Airlines". The company also has a website in the game, Whoever tries this domain name will end up on a site owned by Rockstar.

This information does not seem to say much in itself, but the insider mentioned earlier has just reported that Grand Theft Auto 6 is not only located in North America but also in South America and that the cards are so large that you can also play with can travel the plane. The insider also claims that the developers have been developing for years. The fact that the domain name was already registered in 2013 also seems to be in line with this.

Now it is striking that Rockstar is known for its easter eggs. In Grand Theft Auto 4, for example, there were at least two striking references to GTA 5. In the title photo you see the screenshots of the commercial for a trip to "Los Santos" in GTA 4 and a reference to "Vinewood Hills", both prominent locations in GTA 5.Just before this "easter egg", a previous reference has already been spotted which, according to fanatics, refers to GTA 6. Would it?

Rockstar keeps silent as always, so we wait and follow the rumors.

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